Introducing the Hunt Communications School Emergency Notification Bridge, the most powerful emergency communications platform in world.

School emergencies have become an unfortunate reality. In a school emergency, effective communication is critical in saving lives. The question is how to make critical information available to all key personnel in the most efficient manner possible. The most effective option is an emergency notification bridge. The bridge is capable of connecting all essential personnel and emergency services. The system easily interfaces with desk phones, cell phones, emails, texts, page speakers and much more. Our school emergency bridge automatically connects all essential parties via conference call while simultaneously sending information to support personnel.

Organize and Direct With Firebar Conferencing administrators, safety organizations and police can hold internal conference sessions during emergencies. For everyday use dial in numbers can be given to parents for ‘one to many’ discussions with teachers.

School Emergency Situations
  • In the event of a school emergency situation administrators can alert and bring into a conference call all necessary decisions makers from internal and external emergency responder groups including fire, EMS and police
  • Notify parents via email, text and recorded voice messages
  • District officials can alert and bring into a conference all principals, safety officials and others key responders
  • Additional outside contacts can be stored in the address book and connected at any time. Link local emergency personnel such as fire, EMS and police with a quick mouse click. Have additional contact information for local hospital, hazardous material and state or federal organizations

  • For Day to Day Use
  • Administrators and principles can send text or voice message updates and reminders to staff. Teachers can update their class lists with text, email or voice messages with instructions or assignments
  • Schedule or create on the fly conference calls with board members, administrators and teachers
  • Update parents with information on PTA meetings, school events or last minute changes
  • Allow student and parent groups to utilize the system during off hours and weekends with no per use fees

  • Alert and Inform
  • Teacher/Parent updates. Preload the phone numbers and email addresses of all parents. Type or record a message and send out along with attachments such as homework and other informational flyers
  • School administrators can contact teachers with updates and instructions to meet at a specific time and place
  • School districts and individual campuses can inform all parents with details of school closings or delays
  • Districts can partition a system to allow use by multiple schools

  • Communicate and Confer
  • Send text messages and emails instantaneously while also sending pre-recorded or real time composed voice messages
  • Give detailed instructions to multiple people with one phone call
  • Find me capability continues to locate an individual and attempt to deliver the message to multiple numbers

  • The Hunt Communications Advantage
  • In house solution - Save on monthly recurring charges and external security concerns
  • Lower CAPEX - Group alerting and emergency conferencing in the same platform
  • Lower OPEX - Use of VoIP minimizes monthly recurring network charges
  • Return On Investment - When not handling school emergencies, use for day to day conferencing and non-emergency information distribution
  • Accurate Message Delivery - Synchronize with user database to define granularity of message delivery
  • Multi-modal - Deliver messages in multiple formats for maximum coverage

  • Be prepared for your next school emergency. Call Hunt Communications for a complementary consultation.
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